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Professional translation and interpretation:

1. Written Translation


  • technical translation of various technical documentation including design documents and operating manuals;
  • economic translation: translation of economic articles, textbooks, documents, statements and so on;
  • legal translation: translation of contracts, regulatory documents, constitutive documents and notarial certification thereof;
  • translation of banking documents;
  • translation of letters including private and business correspondence

2. Interpretation


  • telephone conversations: ONLINE interpretation of telephone conferences;
  • consecutive interpretation: accompanying delegations, support of conferences and negotiations, services of guide-interpreter;
  • simultaneous interpretation: interpretation at conferences using special equipment, simultaneous interpretation of reports and messages for small audience.

3. Translation of private documents.

  • Translation of private documents (certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, employment record books, diplomas, etc.)

Related Services:


1. Certified translation of documents and assistance in preparation of documents for visa.

  • Translation and notarial certification of translated documents for embassies and assistance in filling in the questionnaires for visa.

2. Making-up.

  • Text making-up in order to achieve full compliance with source documents. Applications: AutoCAD, Adobe PageMaker, Visio, tools of MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and other.

3. Translation of Audio and Video Materials

  • Translation from various audio and video media.

4. Editing

  • Editing various texts including advertising materials in the Russian, Kazakh, English and other languages.