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We do language translation and interpretation for the most widely spoken world's languages including the languages of CIS countries. Cost of translation depends on language, difficulty and urgency.

We divide the subjects into 2 conventional categories of difficulty. The I difficulty category includes common texts, which do not contain highly specialized terminology and require special knowledge. The II difficulty category includes medical, geological, technical, chemical and other documents.

Basic prices on main languages are indicated in the below table:




Price in KZT

in difficulty categories per 1 page (1800 characters without spaces)
  English 2200 2400
  Arabic 3700 3900
  Bulgarian 3200 3400
  Georgian 3200 3400
  Spanish 3200 3400
  Italian 3200 3400
  Kazakh (Cyrillic and Latin) 2000 2200
  Kirghiz 2200 2400
  Chinese 3700 3900
  Korean 3700 3900
  German 2200 2400
  Polish 3200 3400
  Turkish 3200 3400
  Ukrainian 2200 2400
  Uzbek (Cyrillic and Latin) 2200 2400
  French 2200 2400
  Czech 3200 3400
  Japan 3700 3900
  Making-up From KZT 1700 per physical page

For cost of specific order as well as prices of other services and languages please call by phone: +7(727)266-38-69 or send your request to our e-mail: adv-trans@mail.ru. We will answer any request during 30 minutes.

You also may use the calculator at our website to calculate approximate cost.

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