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Our services

Professional translation and interpretation services:

1. Translation

   • translation of technical documentation including instructions, guidelines, project documents, operations manuals and etc.;
• economic translation: articles, publications, documentation, financial statements and etc.;
• legal translation: contracts, agreements, normative documents, constitutive documents including notarization;
   • banking documents;
   • letters including private and business correspondence.

2. Interpretation

   • phone conversations: translation of phone conferences in ONLINE mode;
   • consecutive interpretation: delegations accompaniment, support of conferences and negotiations, escort interpreter services;
   • simultaneous interpreting: interpretation at conferences using special equipment, simultaneous interpretations of reports and messages for small audience.

3. Translation of private documents.

   • Translation of private documents (certificates of birth, marriage, marriage dissolution, work record books, diplomas and other)

Related Services:


1. Notarial translation of documents and preparation of documents for visa receiving.

   • Translation and notarization of translated documents for embassies, assistance in filling up forms for visas and etc.

2. Making-up.

   • Processing of texts to achieve full correspondence of target document with initial document. We work using AutoCAD, Adobe PageMaker, Visio, means of MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and other.

3. Web-site localization.

   • Translation and cultural adaptation of web-sites to the peculiarities of specific region.

4. Translation of audio and video materials.

   • Minute-by-minute translation of various video and audio materials.

5. Editing various texts including advertising

   • Editing advertising texts in the Russian, Kazakh, English and other languages.

6. Copywriting, re-writing

   • Copywriting is creation of a unique text containing an original idea; ideas from other sources are not used.
   • Re-writing is presentation of a text by own words keeping the main idea of existing text.
   • SEO-re-writing is re-writing of text taking into account search phrases and key words.